Anti Wrinkle Injections

The muscles of the face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness, or anger. Over time, the repeated use of facial muscles causes lines and wrinkles to occur. These lines can make you look permanently angry or worried, even when you’re not.

Muscle relaxant treatments are a simple, effective non-surgical treatment that can greatly reduce and even halt these visible, tell-tale signs of ageing. You will still be able to laugh and smile, just with less wrinkling of the skin in treated areas, creating a more youthful and relaxed appearance.


These treatments will also help smooth and prevent the deeper, persistent facial lines that develop over time, typically known as crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines.

Alongside the previously mentioned areas, anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to treat;

-A down-turned mouth - by injecting the depressor muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down.

- Bunny lines - the small lines that appear on the bridge of the nose.

- Lip flip - For those wanting a fuller appearance for the upper lip but not wanting dermal fillers, this is the ideal solution.  Precise placement of just a few units of botox along the upper lip muscle, near the border, to relax and "flip" the lip to make more of the upper lip visible. This creates a fuller, plumper, but natural-appearing upper lip.


Try to exercise your treated muscles for the 4 hours hour after your Botox treatment (this will work the injection into your muscles)

-Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment.

-Avoid any exposure to a sauna, hot baths/showers or tanning for 4 hours. 

-Keep your head upright if picking anything up from the floor.

-Do not drink alcohol, eat spicy foods or exercise for 4 hours.

-Do not rub the treated area or have a facial for at least 24 hours.

-Do not apply makeup for at least 24 hours.

It is also worth noting, you may experience a mild headache after the Botox treatment, if this does happen you may take Paracetamol as needed.

Do not take - (either before or after treatment for 24 hours) Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Neurofen or other anti-inflammatory as this may increase any bruising. There is a risk of bruising. If this does occur, it will only be temporary and can be covered with makeup after 24 hours.

Top up’s: If we feel that your muscle is particularly resistant, and you require a top up treatment, you have a 4-week window from the initial treatment to have this. 

It takes 14 days for botulinum toxin to work fully, therefore we ask for this initial time to pass before your top up, then you have a further 2-week window to have any top ups, or adjustments.